If your mobile phone has been damaged by water or any other liquid, you'll want to find out fast if it can be repaired. Here at Apple Repairs York, we're phone repair specialists, and can find the best solution to the problem.

We provide repairs and support to a wide range of businesses across York, making sure that even when the very worst happens, we'll do our best to have this working in no time.

Why get your water damaged phone assessed by us?

We can help to diagnose your phone if it’s been:

  • Splashed by liquid

  • Dropped in water

  • Damaged by rain

  • Left in a damp place

  • Affected by condensation/moisture.

We are specialists in mobile phone repairs, and if your phone’s been damaged by liquid, we can tell you whether or not your phone is recoverable.

How much will it cost to repair or replace your water damaged phone?

Unfortunately, in many cases, a water damaged phone will need to be assessed before we can price anything up.

Prices start from £25.00 which covers the cost of the service, time and chemicals in attempting to repair your water damaged phone using some of the best cleaning machines on the market for this nature of repair. £25.00 will cover our costs attempting a repair on your phone, using our equipment and the chemicals we use as a standard cost. If we're successful repairing your device we don't charge you an extra penny unless parts need replacing to ensure a complete repair is carried out. Before any water damaged repair is carried out, we'll asses your device for excessive corrosion or excessive water damage before we attempt any repair. If we find that the phones chances of being repaired is beyond doubt, we won't charge you a penny and we won't proceed with any repair.

We'll always advise what the total cost of any repair before we replace any parts that may need replacing due to water damage. The most common damage to a phone due to water damage include batteries, screens, charging ports, microphones and speakers.

At Apple Repairs York we also undertake a majority of micro-soldering repairs should the connections/connectors inside your phone become corroded and need replacing. Water corrosion is the number one killer for water damaged phones.

What can I do to prevent further damage if my phone is water damaged?

We have a few tips on what to do if your phone gets wet. Also a few tips on what not to do.

  • Turn it off, and Leave it off;

  • Do not attempt to turn the phone on;

  • Do not attempt to plug the phone in to charge;

  • The less power (via cable or battery) inside your phone the better as there's less chance of anything shorting out;

  • Does rice work? We're sceptical about this theory. The idea of leaving a phone in rice is that rice will absorb the water, however the phone is in theory trapping the water. We advise rice, in a plastic tub on a warm radiator (so the water can evaporate and let the rice absorb the water);

  • The sooner a water damaged phone can be brought in to us, the better. We'll rid of any water inside the phone before it can cause further damage. We do this using an air compressor so it reaches all parts of the phone - The longer you leave a phone sat in water, or even after you have allowed the water to disperse, corrosion would have built up already.

Remember......... If we can't fix your water damaged phone, the least we'll attempt is to recover your precious data, and we won't charge you more than £25.00!!!

Please read our Terms and Conditions 'Water Damage' prior to booking.